Download the Bio-Well software. This software must be used in conjunction with your Bio-Well device. Once you've downloaded the software and purchased a monthly or annual subscription on, you can begin performing scans, accessing your database and be on the path to wellness!

If you want to check the functionality of the Bio-Well software before creating your personal Account and paying for the subscription please use Login: medic, Password: medic, or mind/mind; Sputnik/Sputnik. Using these details to log in to the Bio-Well software you will be able to see all the data that Bio-Well software can provide.

If you want to use Bio-Well device with a netbook or MacBook Air, or other small computers you should consider using the USB-hub with independent power supply (that is connected to the socket). Small computers has too low current limits on USB ports that makes operation of the Bio-Well device very unstable.

The Bio-Well device and software have been optimized for utilization with PC computers running a Windows operating system as well as for Mac OS X systems. Many of our customers do successfully utilize Bio-Well with Mac OS X, but some have experienced inconsistent operation, which may be due to differences in USB port configurations and/or interference from other installed software. The Bio-Well Team endeavors to increase support for Mac in our ongoing software updates. For those customers who may encounter issues when using Mac OS X, we recommend consideration of a secondary Windows-based system as an alternative platform. We further recommend, to all Bio-Well users, implementation of a regularly-scheduled calibration regiment which is essential for accurate and reproducible results and/or changes of environment.



(from 21.05.2018)